Aggregated Flying Forecast For Paraglider Pilots

Aggregated Flying Forecast For Paraglider Pilots

To save my own time and other paragliding pilots, I developed a web-based application that gathers weather forecast data from multiple sources, aggregates it, and matches it to paragliding sites in the Dales, Cumbria and the Lakes, to simplify the decision process about where to go flying.

This is a project that I developed to scratch my own itch and to share with the paragliding community.

Paragliding is a passion I have been giving my free time to for a number of years. Deciding where to go flying on the few precious days that are unrestricted by family, work, and bad weather, is not a straightforward task. In order to maximise our chances to end up on the right hill and eventually in the air and have a good time, and to minimise the likelihood of wasting time and money, we need to analyse the weather data closely.

I decided to use my software development experience to implement a system which will do most of the menial tasks and present us with pre-processed information, making it much less time consuming to gather all relevant data, and getting as accurate a picture as possible.

I used a functional programming language Elixir and the great web framework called Phoenix. Thanks to Elixir and its nature, the job of getting data from multiple resources and compiling them was remarkably easy.

The resulting web application is proving very useful and fulfilling the expectation I have had for it.

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  • Date September 6, 2016
  • Tags Information Integration, Software Development, Web Development