Master Data Management solution for Schenker, a Deutsche Bahn company

Master Data Management solution for Schenker, a Deutsche Bahn company

In 2003, I built a first version of an integrated Master Data Management (MDM) solution for Schenker to centrally hold and manage data about customers. Schenker is a large European logistics company whose lorries and vans can be seen all over Europe. In the UK amongst others, they transport new cars built by BMW Mini from the production facility.

In 2014, the time came to update the MDM solution. I rebuilt it using modern web technologies as a single page application (SPA) and implemented mechanisms to integrate it with other systems used in Schenker.

Schenker CZ, a Deutsche Bahn (German rail) company.

The IT landscape in Schenker is rich – there is a number of information systems used across the organisation. An MDM solution – in this case, a central repository to hold and manage information about customers – needs to be integrated with major systems, including SAP. Different systems required a different kind of integration – some needed a close-to-real time integration using an API or a direct database access, others work with daily file exchange.

Schenker was one of the first companies that I knew of having an MDM solution implemented back in 2003. Since then, I helped them to integrate it with information systems that emerged over time in order to make sure that their customer data remain managed, not duplicated, up-to-date, and with clear ownership and complete trace of history.

I am pleased to have been a part of this. It empowers me to help other companies achieve a similar orderly state where data is owned, managed and controlled properly across the information landscape of the organisation.

  • Client Schenker CZ, A Deutsche Bahn company
  • Date September 19, 2016
  • Tags Information Integration, Software Development, Web Development