Snozzcumber – Children’s Party Search & Book

Snozzcumber – Children’s Party Search & Book

Together with Adam Barrett, we have invested a significant amount of time into developing a startup business called Snozzcumber that filled the niche for a Search & Book internet-based facility for children’s parties and related products and services. The public website is at

A new startup co-owned by Adam Barrett and me, Marek Setnicka. Adam has taken the ownership of the business in 2016.

This initiative presented multiple challenges, business and technical, from arriving at a viable business model to doing proper SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so that Google prefers the website for many important keywords.

Another challenge was to create a geo-spatial functionality that would allow site visitors to enter a UK postcode of interest and get parties and services provided in a given area. This is slightly trickier when you want to / need to  keep expenditure to a minimum and prefer a solution that does not rely on paid data and services.

The technical solution is stable and very scalable. Adam and I are both software professionals who don’t want our lives being negatively impacted by having to look after substandard or even fragile software products.

We built the website on a home-grown framework called SOFA that we built and used successfully since 2012 on various projects. Adding functionality to the solution is very easy and as a result, Adam has already implemented functionality for children’s party providers to manage their bookings. This is sold as an extra and it gives the providers a tool that allows them to be significantly more organised, avoiding double booking, for instance.

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  • Date September 7, 2016
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