Website development support – Local Horse Help

Website development support – Local Horse Help

Acting as a point of technical help, I supported Rebecca Evans, a former Vice Chair of the National Equine Welfare Council, in her successful project to build of a website focused on bringing horse owners and horse service providers together – Local Horse Help.

A then brand-new, now established business Local Horse Help Ltd.

I was on hand for Rebecca to technically set up anything she needed and to resolve issues related to hosting on Linux on Amazon AWS, WordPress, website customisation, SSL, email marketing, etc.

To make sure that Becky did not go over budget, she was provided with estimates for every task and regular, minute-based timesheets.

Right at the beginning, I gave Becky access to a project management tool that we use – the brilliant open-source Redmine. Instead of having a sea of emails and Skype messages, virtually everything that is some kind of a task would have its own traceable record in Redmine with all relevant details that we could use later.

The LHH site is a success with a regularly increasing amount of users. Becky used her contacts in the equine world to make the site almost instantly known to the world.

It was a great and very enjoyable piece of work. Thank you, Becky.

  • Client Local Horse Help Ltd.
  • Date September 6, 2016
  • Tags Web Development, Web Development Support